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Paste MagazineMatt DonatoJan 12, 2023
With House Party, Calmatic jumps from a prolific music video career to feature filmmaking with the same energy, leading to shorter-burst storytelling that values standout moments over longevity. Read full review
While this remix of "House Party" may leave some nostalgic for the original, it smartly doesn't try to copy the first film. However, it does stay true to the first version's celebration of friendship. Read full review
House Party is fun enough but feels like a missed opportunity. Read full review
The A.V. ClubLuke Y. ThompsonJan 12, 2023
To its credit, and this isn’t damning with faint praise, the new House Party is frequently very funny. (The R-rated language and creative insults are a great asset, even if they might restrict the potential teen audience.) What it has in humor, though, it lacks in pace. Read full review
IndieWireJude DryJan 12, 2023
Though Latimore and Cole have enough charisma to skate by, the movie lacks the originality and scrappiness of its inspiration. Trading on celebrity cameos and impressive set pieces, House Party feels like an uneven amalgam of so many studio comedies that came before it. Read full review
TheWrapWilliam BibbianiJan 12, 2023
Most of this new House Party is relatively uninspired, a modest and mediocre comedy that relies more on its high-concept plot to capture the audience’s attention than on interesting characters or, you know, jokes. Read full review
The New York TimesBrandon YuJan 13, 2023
Like any rager gone south, the buzz is fun early on, until it’s suddenly too much, the house is overrun, and the room starts spinning. Read full review
Chicago Sun-TimesRichard RoeperJan 12, 2023
One of the unique things about the original “House Party” from 1990 is while there was an abundance of energetic and exhilarating dancing, the party itself was almost secondary to all the action that took place OUTSIDE the party...Not so much with the massive, bloated, epic, over-the-top bash in the “House Party” reboot, which marks the second time LeBron James has put his enormous clout behind a new take on a beloved 1990s film (after the “Space Jam” reboot) — and the second time the results were underwhelming. Read full review
Film ThreatRob RectorJan 19, 2023
House Party puts out quite the spread and has put effort into its lights and music. But nothing that happens will give us any inspiration to accept an invite to future festivities. Read full review
VarietyOwen GleibermanJan 12, 2023
The film taps into the glitz ethos of the age of social-media envy without necessarily scrutinizing what it all means. Kid ‘n Play had put on a party to remember, but the new movie, much like Kevin and Damon themselves, just goes with the flow of the scam. Read full review
The Associated PressLindsey BahrJan 17, 2023
This party isn’t worth a trip much further than living room. Read full review
St. Louis Post-DispatchKatie WalshJan 12, 2023
The comedy waffles between nonsensically heightened and realistically grounded, often alternating between the two modes at random, never landing on a tone. Read full review
The Hollywood ReporterFrank ScheckJan 12, 2023
Lead actors Cole and Latimore are competent enough, but they don’t come close to approximating the original film’s stars’ charisma or likability, with the result that their characters’ ill-advised activities leave a sour taste. This is one party you can’t wait to be over. Read full review
The humor ultimately feels lazy, and while the original film has had some mighty staying power, this new installment feels dead on arrival. Read full review
The GuardianAndrew LawrenceJan 13, 2023
It’s Kid Cudi who salvages the picture playing an even more deadpan version of himself. And he carries the second half of the story through a macabre twist that at least makes the 100-minute feature worth finishing. Read full review