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A high-concept animated film about animals with superpowers is brought to vibrant, endearing life by the superpowers behind the scenes: lively voice talent from an all-star cast, a script that is smart, exciting, and very funny, and, above all, the ability to tap into one of humanity’s deepest emotions, our love for our pets and theirs for us. Read full review
DC League of Super-Pets isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s a perfect way for DC Comics fans to introduce their kids to their favorite characters and their adorable and surprisingly competent sidekicks. Read full review
The A.V. ClubIan SpellingJul 26, 2022
Co-writing with John Whittington, director Jared Stern pulls off a near-impossible feat—creating a film that’s great for kids, entertaining for pretty much any adult taking kids to the theater, and close to perfect for those parents out there who also happen to be massive DC fans. Read full review
True to its animated predecessors, Super-Pets pulls off what other superhero entries have struggled to summon from the CGI universe: lighthearted fun and self-aware humor woven with real evergreen themes – the fear of change, learning to love friends through transitions, trusting that love will remain through the seasons. Read full review
While this new release confirms that DC will stop at nothing to keep its superhero franchise going — stretching their source material so thin that they’re not even making movies about superheroes, but their pets — the studio was at least wise enough to tap Stern for the task, who breathes a bit of (adorable) life into the tired good vs. evil tropes we’ve become accustomed to in the overstuffed superhero space. Read full review
Boston GlobeSerena PuangJul 28, 2022
Kids will enjoy this film for the slapstick humor, but everyone will be rooting for Krypto to be lauded as a good boy. Read full review
Paste MagazineKevin Fox, Jr.Jul 27, 2022
The most emotionally captivating moments focus the film’s themes about the relationships people form with their pets, and the senses of duty we feel to the ones we love, all of which gives DC League of Super-Pets a big heart. Read full review
San Francisco ChronicleZaki HasanJul 26, 2022
It’s a loving sampler platter full of big laughs and heart that will satisfy lifelong DC buffs, while serving as the perfect on-ramp to the universe for a whole new generation of young fans. Read full review
Film ThreatAlan NgAug 1, 2022
Ultimately, I walked away wishing the story would leap out of the good category into greatness. But grab your young kids, lower expectations a bit, and you’ll have a good time with the animated antics. Read full review
Los Angeles TimesKatie WalshJul 28, 2022
While the plot following Krypto finding his pack and saving the day is exceedingly formulaic and slightly tiresome with its predictable turns, Stern and Whittington fill the space around the structure with a plethora of absurdist humor and sharply written jokes, as well as the teasing self-awareness. Read full review
VarietyOwen GleibermanJul 26, 2022
The movie, in its conventional and likable way, knocks the stuffing out of superhero fantasy. Its joke is that a mangy crew of animals doing outlandish CGI magic tricks is essentially what a comic-book movie is. Read full review
TheWrapAlonso DuraldeJul 26, 2022
While not as anarchic or outrageously hilarious as “Teen Titans GO! to the Movies,” this latest all-ages animated adventure from DC Comics and Warner Bros. nonetheless has — and offers — lots of fun with the four-legged counterparts of a Justice League that’s more “Super Friends” than Snyder Cut. Read full review
Austin ChronicleRichard WhittakerJul 27, 2022
League of Super-Pets is a lighthearted, generically animated, fun time out for the kids. Read full review
The Associated PressLindsey BahrJul 26, 2022
Johnson and Hart seem to have fun, too, but a fair amount of their charm as a comedic duo is lost without their physical presence — not that the audience of kids will know this or care. Parents might just be wishing they were watching this cast in live-action instead. Read full review
Washington PostThomas FloydJul 26, 2022
Crass commercialism aside, the valiant voice cast and championing of animal companions earn “Super-Pets” a slightly longer leash. Read full review
IGNSiddhant AdlakhaJul 26, 2022
DC League of Super-Pets may have thoughtful filmmaking on its side, but what it doesn’t have is a voice cast that can lend life and personality to its characters. Read full review
The Hollywood ReporterFrank ScheckJul 26, 2022
Too often, the film gives off the feeling that it was designed for the inevitable line of toys for the upcoming holiday season, with plenty of cuddly animals of disparate types soon to line the shelves of a store near you. Read full review
With a great voice cast, curious characters, and glimpses of an engaging art style, all the movie had to do to be great was rely more on the original things it brings to the DC universe. Instead, DC League of Super-Pets is satisfied being just another commonplace superhero tale. Read full review
Screen DailyTim GriersonJul 26, 2022
Some adorable animals and a snarky sense of humour about superheroes aren’t quite enough to save the day with DC League Of Super-Pets, an intermittently amusing and touching animation. Read full review
While the calibre of star voices here is superb, it seems odd to centre the entire film around Johnson and Hart. So much of their chemistry in Jumanji or Central Intelligence was rooted in odd-couple physical comedy – a guy who’s always cracking jokes about his own short stature versus the closest we have to a living demi-god. Read full review
CNNBrian LowryJul 28, 2022
Who's a good movie? Not "DC League of Super-Pets," a big colorful idea that proves promising in theory -- tailor-made for a two-minute trailer -- but a rather tedious slog as a full-length animated film. Read full review
The New York TimesCalum MarshJul 28, 2022
This brand of arch, inside-baseball riffing is a scourge on modern family films, present in almost every animated movie with an all-star cast. But it’s especially grating delivered by Johnson and Hart, who, despite the vocal talent they have shown in the past, give two of the least inspired voice performances in recent memory. Read full review
Screen RantMolly FreemanJul 26, 2022
Johnson and Hart have proved a formidable movie duo in the past, but without their usual on-screen charm, it's tough to get invested in the stories of Krypto and Ace. Even with their star-power and a slew of talented performers making up the supporting cast, DC League of Super-Pets doesn't offer much. Read full review
EmpireJohn NugentJul 26, 2022
Despite a fun voice cast, this is a lazy effort that squanders its characters, and will likely bore anyone over the age of ten. Read full review
SlashfilmJosh SpiegelJul 26, 2022
On its own, DC League of Super-Pets is a tolerable, painless, sometimes mildly clever summertime experience, but comparing it to other DC animated fare only highlights its more meager aims. Read full review
It’s formulaic, rarely funny and seriously cynical for a movie aimed at small kids. But a couple of moments have a lovely and quite-unexpected pathos to them. Read full review
Wall Street JournalKyle SmithJul 29, 2022
The fur flies, the claws come out and the bad jokes hit the fan. Read full review
The Observer (UK)Wendy IdeAug 1, 2022
It’s formulaic, uninspired stuff, an artless, mirthless mess that leans heavily on the familiarity of the characters – Batman, Wonder Woman and others cameo – while also undermining the integrity of the DC universe. Read full review