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  • Summary: Bear and Breakfast is a laid-back management adventure game where you build and run a bed and breakfast...but you’re a bear.
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  1. Gfinity
    Jul 28, 2022
    Bear and Breakfast offers players a pleasant collection of activities, interlaced with a wholesome story and loveable characters in a whimsical nature-filled world.
  2. Checkpoint Gaming
    Jul 31, 2022
    Bear and Breakfast offers up a delightful world, engaging strategy mechanics, and a heart-warming story. While it may not be an overly complex game compared to classic strategy titles in the genre, it’s an incredibly relaxing and wholesome gameplay experience. If that’s your jam, Bear and Breakfast shouldn’t be missed.
  3. PC Games
    Aug 9, 2022
    Quotation forthcoming.
  4. DualShockers
    Jul 28, 2022
    Barring these minor user interface issues, Bear and Breakfast was a joy to play. It doesn’t do anything revolutionary for the genre, but it successfully carves out a niche by perfectly matching its tone, gameplay and narrative. Bear and Breakfast accomplishes exactly what it set out to do, it’s a charming little management sim that doesn’t take itself seriously. It might not be for everyone, but I think a lot of people will find joy in this wholesome project.
  5. RPGamer
    Aug 16, 2022
    Despite some of the game’s flaws, Bear and Breakfast is a game I didn’t know I needed in my life. It’s charming, funny, and an addictive experience. I struggled to pry myself away from it because I kept wanting to up the values of my properties and work through the quests. While some of the drawbacks are disappointing, there’s a lot to love about this game, as there are great rewards that will keep the player coming back. Bear and Breakfast is a wholesome game that will give you all the cozy vibes from start to finish.
  6. God is a Geek
    Aug 4, 2022
    Bear and Breakfast is a sweet and straightforward management sim that opts for a laidback approach rather than an intense experience.
  7. Guardian
    Jul 29, 2022
    Whether your guests’ stay is pleasant or not rarely makes a difference, so the management elements feel like stepping stones to the story Bear and Breakfast actually wants to tell. Hank is a sweet Bear and his friends are memorable enough, but in its storytelling the game seems to introduce and abandon characters for long periods of time. It is a simulation that requires patience in a genre that usually gives players loads to do – it’s a management game that’s obsessed with managing its players, rather than letting them exercise control.

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